First of Many

Introductions can be quite difficult for anyone. I am wondering about what to type, what would be interesting to anyone that would happen upon this world of mine. The year 2012 has brought about many first time experiences and new found interests. One of which is the world of photography. I have found this year that I truly enjoy capturing moments of beauty that nature, in all of its glory, has decided to let us see and feel. I went on a trip this year to the Smoky Mountains for a few days and found that there are things in this world that are perfectly free and, sorry for sounding redundant, but is freeing to the soul as well. Listening to the roaring streams, feeling the breeze upon my face, and entranced by the magnificent colors that our Mother Earth is composed of is very breathtaking.

The photo that I took above was my very first sunset that I ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. While the rest of Gatlinburg, TN was scurrying about to buy that one piece of souvenir to commemorate their travels, I took home a memory that will accompany me through my years. With hopes to see the sunset from Clingman’s Dome, I thought that I had missed my chance.

Just a few more miles and no time to spare, we found a clearing where the aforementioned shot of the sunset was made possible. If it is meant to be, it will surely happen.

The adventure that went by all too quickly, as the last 30 years of my life, have given me memories of many first. I hope that one day I will be within means to return to such beauty and a reprieve from the humdrum, monotonous daily functions that I must participate in so I will be a responsible adult.

So, exactly who am I ? I am just a normal woman trying to make it through day by day. I work for a living at a retail store and I am trying to earn a degree from a college in order to expand my horizons. Outside of such normal things, I have a vast array of interests. I love to paint, draw, sing, shoot landscape photography, writing short stories, poems, and I love to be around those who love me.

My name is Susan and this is my blog, FocalBreeze, and here is where I will articulate my happenings and thought processes.


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