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Work From Home

Good morning, everyone!

The past few days I have taken an interest in trying to find a work from home job but have come up short. It seems as though a lot of the places out there that look like they would have a good business plan are nothing but a fraud. Now, I say fraud because yes, I do understand that in order to open a business you do need to put down some money. However, I don’t think that one should have to pay 400 dollars, plus a recurring fee of 80 dollars or so a month, and any extras thrown in there to ensure that you are a supervisor and get more leads.

I am mostly annoyed because when I read the site first of all, it promised that you would have to pay nothing more than the $9.99 for the overnight shipping. I was cool with that. I am even cool that when I got my package, read the booklet, filled out the exercise, and watched the DVD that I will incur a $40.00 charge. I am choosing not to send it back because I did write in it and don’t think that would be fair, really.

What I am NOT cool with is the fact that the guy says over and over again how he’ll never ask a dime from you to start this program and lo and behold. I went on a search and found that some people were taken for as much as $5,000. I’m sorry but the purpose of me wanting to work from home is to MAKE money not SPEND it.

Yes, I am willing to work hard. I have done so for the past 13 or more years. I am serious about wanting to do something that generates more income for my family and freedom to actually enjoy my time with them. As far as me being “teachable”, I am enrolled in school and make very good grades which I take VERY seriously. I will gain my Associate’s in Business Management and will probably try to continue for my MBA.

In any case, stay away from the “iOffice Online Business Solutions” unless you can dish out the cash before you make any, and still there are no real guarantees that you’ll really earn anything. The red flag starting to rise was when the guy wouldn’t say exactly what I’d be doing in the DVD, only that it revolved around Health and Wellness.

At least I only lost fifty bucks instead of five thousand. If any of you know a legitimate way to make money, I would highly appreciate it if you’d let me know. Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

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