Lovely photo taken here .. =) Hope one day I can take such amazing pictures

Places Unknown and Everything Else

After taking this photo I thought about this old Russian tale about Fisherman and the Golden Fish. Alexander Pushkin wrote it for all of us to enjoy and it even been animated. Here is link to old Russian animation of this story. I grew up knowing this story, so I asked my wife if she knows it as well and she did not. So I guess since Disney didn’t adopt it, most folks growing up here would never hear about it.

The main moral of this tale is that greed will get you nothing. The old wife of the fisherman learned that he cached and released a gold fish. He released it when the fish spoke to him in human voice and pleaded for her life in exchange for any gift he wanted. The old man didn’t want any gift and he released the fish. His wife had different idea…

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Superficial Scars

When I was younger, I usually wouldn't watch the normal things that other kids did. I typically would have the television on AMC and watch all the classic movies that came on. I liked old stars like Roddy McDowell, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Sr, Cary Grant, Gary  Cooper, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, James, Cagney, and… Continue reading Superficial Scars

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Pain in the Brain

I am posting this journal entry later than I have been the last few days. Sunday afternoon I began feeling ill and terribly weak. Basically, I have been dealing with a bit of a condition the last few years and sometimes I can go on for quite awhile without experiencing any problems whatsoever. However, when… Continue reading Pain in the Brain