Arachnoid Cyst, Illness, Sickness

Pain in the Brain

I am posting this journal entry later than I have been the last few days. Sunday afternoon I began feeling ill and terribly weak. Basically, I have been dealing with a bit of a condition the last few years and sometimes I can go on for quite awhile without experiencing any problems whatsoever. However, when the pain happens it tends to hit hard.

I deal with migraines due to a cyst that I have on the posterior fossa of my brain. It causes my eyes to go blurry, dizziness ensues, and nausea can be an ongoing problem. I do take a pill called maxalt to help alleviate some of the pain. When that doesn’t work, I need to get a shot that will help me relax and sometimes I feel better afterwards.

The cyst is an arachnoid cyst and sometimes it can cause the person no problems. I wish that were the case with me. It always starts in the back of my head. Just like anything that’s a problem in our lives all I can really do is deal with it. Therefore, I had to call in the last few nights and have had to put some other business that I was going to do on hold until my body decides to work properly again.

So, now I bid you all goodnight and I am going to get some rest. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

That’s all we can really hope for….

The white blob at the base of my brain that’s shaped kinda like a half mushroom is the cyst that makes its home on my brain. I hope it goes away someday..

Praying for a better tomorrow and God bless.


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