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Thanks for the memories

To everyone I’ve worked thirds with over the years. I took Bob Hope’s “Thanks for the memories” and kind of wrote my own little memories in there of the people I’ve worked with.

Thanks for the memory

Of working all night, and that crazy watergun fight

Huge amounts of freight to stock, and barely able to walk

How crazy it was


Thanks for the memory

Of the jokes we told, some were quite bold

The silly look Rick gave, Vicki tellin’ us to behave

How funny it was


Many ‘s a time we all stuck by each other

Calling each other sister or brother

Oh, well, I wouldn’t trade them for another

We did have a lot of fun and no harm was done


Thanks for the memory

Of all the encouraging words, all the years on thirds

We might have had some quarrels but now they’re for the birds

How lovely it was


Thanks for the memory

Of working with y’all all these years, we may have had some tears

And how we got mad but can’t remember what it was about

How crazy it was


So, thanks for the memory

I had to say goodbye last night

And though the future can be a fright

I’ll keep the recollections locked up tight

Thank you all so much.


*credits: Bob Hope and Shep Fields for the original song.

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