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Doctor Who: My Doctor

At times, my best friend tells me, “You totally need to check out this show.” So, last year when he brought up Doctor Who, I was like, sure I can check it out. We sat in his apartment and watched the first episode with Christopher Eccleston. I didn’t really understand the show at first but it is a science-fiction and I was compelled to continue watching it. I spent an entire month watching every episode of it and then I realized when I told him where I was in the series through Netflix that the Tenth Doctor’s reign was coming to a close when Otey told me to make sure that I watch Planet of the Dead, Waters of Mars, and then the End of Time Parts 1 and 2 before continuing to the 11th hour. If I didn’t, the Doctor’s regeneration wouldn’t make any sense at all.
After a month with falling in the love with the series, I began to understand what it meant when DT said at one point that Peter Davison was his Doctor. I fell in love with the series with Eccleston. I really do adore him as the 9th Doctor. However, the Tenth Doctor was my Doctor. I had just went on so many adventures with him, watching everyday on my days off or when I had just gotten off work, and was always wondering where we would go in the next episode. I was lost in his brilliant persona on my 32 inch screen.
I have always been drawn into someone’s eyes. The way they look at you and the look in the Tenth Doctor’s eyes were so full of every emotion I could think. DT is really an amazing actor but it was through his portrayal of my Doctor that I became entranced by the idea of going through time and space. The way he explained that some people live more in 20 years than in 80 rang so true to my mind. I had lost so many people in my life but those people I loved that died young really touched my life. The way he handled his temper was a lot like mine. I saw a lot of similarities in our behavior. In Human Nature and Family Blood, he is described as Fire and Ice and Rage. When he punished the family, the son said that the worst part was that the Doctor didn’t raise his voice.
I am writing this all out because of this dream I had about the Tenth Doctor. Please, don’t get me wrong. I know that Matt Smith is the Doctor now. I absolutely love him and think he is beyond brilliant. He brings such an energy to his incarnation that I am mystified by him. I love all Eleven Doctors (yes, I have been watching Classic Who Lately and must say I like Pertwee) and they all are just brilliant to me. However, when Ten said, “I don’t want to go”: I cried and said aloud, “I don’t want you to either.”
My dream though. I dreamt that Ten and I were having this adventure of sorts and we had just saved another world from impending doom. After it was over, he and I (his companion) were laying on the grass relaxing. He looked at me and I at him, I smiled and told him that I love him. I love him not as this unattainable being or because I find him attractive. I told him I thought he was an awesome friend and that was all I wanted from him, just friendship. Friends are cool like that. You can hang out with them, do all sorts of crazy stunts, and at the end of the day they find you awesome despite one another’s faults. After I told him that, I declared that he was my Doctor always. He was the reason that this Southern American girl fell captivated with Doctor Who and who I relate to more than the others. Again, they are all awesome. He smiled and hugged me when I told him that and said, “Thank you.”
I woke up with a weird happy look on my face. The cool thing about dreams is that I can still have adventures with Ten and save planets and universes with him. In the series, I’ll never be his companion but in my dreams I can control that.
It’s just a TV series from Britain but I totally dig it and can’t wait for the new series to start. Until then, I am going to go have some dreams in a little bit and save another universe with my Doctor. Thanks David Tennant, thank you so much.

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