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Organizing and scary TV programs

I haven’t posted in awhile mostly because I’m not really sure of what I want to say. I just have been going through the day to day motions like a somewhat normal human. I have been feeling very creative lately and am working on expanding my idea for the novel I have in order to develop my characters in a better way. I am actually excited about one of my college courses this quarter which is Writing. I am sure I will learn a lot of valuable information in that course. I know I have been in college for a very long time but I have a secret. I am planning on continuing with my education and see how far I can go.

I have also gotten into this little habit where I watch some very scary things before I fall asleep. Now, this is a very bad idea and I know it’s not good to do yet I continue to do it. I was watching this show, “Is It Real?” and it was about this study on whether or not people can commit a murder whilst sleepwalking. Allegedly, a few people had done just that and plead to the court that they were not guilty of the murders because they were in sleepwalking state. Surprisingly, they were released and found not guilty. I told my husband I was never sleeping with him again. Of course, a few hours later I found myself snoring away next to him. The moment of “freak out” was fleeting but I don’t know why I like to scare myself like that.

Other than scaring myself senseless, I have been trying to figure out how I want to do my home office and make it more organized. The thing is, to me it is organized, I know (mostly) where everything is but I do admit that I am the least organized person out there. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I have so many hobbies and interests that tend to jumble about in my head that they kind of take a solid form in my space in the apartment. I can walk, so by no means am I a hoarder, I just don’t know how to exactly make them make sense in my room–if that makes sense.

I suppose that’s all for now and I will try to update my sweet little blog a bit more regularly. If it ever cools down where my ginger self doesn’t risk turning into a tomato outside, I may try to go out and snap some photos. I like to do that. I really thank Taylor for taking Gary and I to the Smoky’s. It really was one of the happiest moments because I was so calm even if my leg muscles screamed at me for it after hiking those trails. I want to go back very much so and I hope that the opportunity presents itself.

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