You can’t catch me (I’m The Gingerbread Man)

I decided to do a little something different with my Youtube channel over at

I want to work on my voice more because I feel the need to have a bit more of something I lack: Confidence. I decided to take my cheap little Logitech microphone and make a bit of an audio and read the Childhood Story of the Gingerbread Man. It is a very good bedtime story and I do hope you all like it. I like childhood things like this because they bring back memories of a time when things were (at times difficult) but not as complex as an adult where the world is riddled with decisions. If you make the wrong one when you’re a kid, the worst you got was a scolding or a scratched up set of knees. As you grow older, you tend to suffer the more harsh consequences of a bad decision. Now, those bad choices can be just about anything. What food you eat. What job you choose to get. What new business venture you decide to go into.

Luckily though, if we’re smart, we can revert back for a few minutes and have a good story from our younger days that help us forget such dire things for a short while.

Never lose your child eyes and heart. Keep yourself humble and open to new ideas. You never know. Sometimes, the strangest and most outlandish ideas are actually the most fulfilling in the end. I digress now and hope you like the story. Here is the audio reading:


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