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“Holier than thou” types


The blog I am about to post will probably not be nice and it will be a teeny bit on the blunt side. With that said, let’s make this entirely clear. I am very much entitled to my opinions and you are to yours as well.

Now that that is out of the way here we go.

I was, just like millions of us do every day, was looking at my feed on Facebook. I was having a great time listening to my brother’s story of how he felt so wonderful after working out and the way he felt afterwards. He has more energy than I do. He is about 5’9 (give or take) and weighs around 125 and he wants to get more muscle. I am supportive in the venture that he has set before himself.

Of course, you are always going to have that one “holier than thou” that wants to bust your ever lovin’ bubble. So, the person (will remain nameless but it isn’t that hard to figure out) decided to post a comment on the lines of: “You are working on your physical body, but I wonder, how are things going with your walk with Christ?”

Alright. First of all, the way my brother or anyone else does their daily business is really none of your concern.

Second of all, until you have some magical power that allows you to possess that person’s body and know what they have going on in their day to day life, then just really, hush.

The question is alright in and of itself if it’s a friend but I happen to understand that this person has been raggin’ on my baby brother for the better part of 3 years that I know of. My brother’s walk with Christ is between two people and two people ONLY. That would be my brother and God. It is no concern of yours.

The last I checked we are all sinners on this planet. We all have sin. Yes it is a horrible thing and yes I believe in Jesus. But before you come at my brother (or me) with that attitude, you ought to look at your own life because quite frankly: NO ONE ON THIS PLANET IS PERFECT.

You do your thing, I’m going to do mine. I choose to live my life encouraging others and not bringing them down but you will not go after my brother. I am way too protective (if you haven’t noticed) over him and it’s not a good place for you to be in.



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