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Chick-Fil-A Opinions

I look around the world so full of technological advances, people filled with so much intelligence, and I wonder so many different things. We live in a world that is not only extremely advanced than it was even a century ago, we live in a world where the opinion of one person can be posted on Youtube and literally become seen by millions of people within seconds.

Potentially, all of that can be a very good thing but then again, it can turn into horrendous events. When I was younger, I remember a time when a group of us would sit in a room and would debate. You only had to concern yourself with a few people disagreeing with you and if they did, it wasn’t reported on the news. However, today if you make a statement of what you believe, it could literally ruin you.

I was told not so long ago when the entire privacy issue came to light and another friend came on my feed to inform me that nothing is private anymore. The way things are looking, he is right and I am wrong.

With a few simple keystrokes and an educated mind, you can find out things on people you want to know and with very little ease. An “About me” Section on Facebook and social networking sites similar can tell someone your work history, relationship status, political and religious beliefs, and certain quotes that you fancy. Day to day posting of what you’re doing can be seen for the world. After all this and before you know it, your feed is bombarded with statements of “Can you believe what this guy said on the news last night?” and you see a thousand, no millions, of posts about Chick-Fil-A.

I haven’t posted anything but, rather, I have simply observed. One group is up in arms against the other. Some of those opinions are rather harsh and cruel. Others are trying to come across as polite as possible. Now, we even get to see what a celebrity’s thoughts are almost instantaneously through a Twitter Feed.

It is very difficult to post or express one thoughts without someone bashing you (either side applies to this) on how ignorant, stupid, or whatever name you’d like to put here _______. If you believe this way, then you’re an idiot. If you believe that way, you’re going to hell. I honestly had to step way, way back from all of the insanity because every time I fired up my Facebook or Twitter, that was all I saw.

I halfway wonder if anyone is reading this, are they wondering “So, what’s your side on this issue, Susan? ”

To be rather blunt, does it really matter what I feel on the matter?

I might ask, are you asking me that to either:

A.) Condemn me for my beliefs.

B.) Reaffirm that your beliefs (if we match) are correct.

C.) Ignite a debate

D.) You want to measure my intelligence by the answer.

If you’re just aching to know, I do believe in the Freedom of Speech. I think that everyone, not just if their opinion happens to match yours, but EVERYONE has the right to express their opinion. I also think that if someone disagrees with Opinion A then that person who disagrees should TACTFULLY express their opinion on a platform in a respectful manner.

With all that said, there are two sides to every coin and you are going to meet up with someone that disagrees with you. You will show your maturity by the way in which you react to their response: To turn into a giant ball of anger or a calmly composed individual who rebuttals that answer.

To quote my grandmother: “Opinions are just like a**holes, everyone has one.” And really, I saw a lot of people that showed their a**es the last few weeks regarding the whole bloody matter.

P.S. What I do believe, is there needs to be a little less strife and a lot more compassion in this world.

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