Growing Up, People, Poetry

Never Forget


Adventures and Indians

Cowboys and Robbers

World in my imagination

Never seemed to falter


Years ago I was held high

My grandfather played for hours

Through the eyes of a child

I saw him as immortal


Before I saw my first decade

A part of my childhood died

Playing games didn’t seem fun

Without my Indian to capture


I hear I have to grow up

I have seen three decades

Get a job and married

After all, that is the norm


If you have a shred of happiness

Keep a hold of it tight

For some want to rob you of it

Don’t let it go without a fight


The clock ticks away

Time stands still for none

Adventures come to an end

Unless you find a way out


Keep the childish glow in your eye

Play cowboys and Indians till dusk

And never forget a time so long ago

When imagination was more than enough.


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