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War Memories

War Memories Concrete shatters Bullets whiz by Heart race quickens My ally by my side "Will it ever stop?" he asks. Sweat beading down my nose Grabbing my gun tighter We stare in each others' eyes As fast as it starts The faster it stops It may be clear Moving forward to be sure He… Continue reading War Memories

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Weekend Update and Thank you!

  I do believe this has one very good week on my end. I have had a sense of rejuvenation in terms of being creative with my poetry. It is almost as if I have been on a writing frenzy and I definitely am not complaining. I have felt more productive than I have in… Continue reading Weekend Update and Thank you!

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Old Enemy

My Old Enemy Bruised and torn flesh The wounds heal slow Of how your hand made me thrash As I took blow after blow. The memories of years past Somehow enter my mind My voice shook as I asked How much longer will I be confined. My chest wore the bruises My thoughts filled with… Continue reading Old Enemy

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No Mercy

No Mercy The screen sitting before me Words overflowing of hate So much violence The death toll climbs Some say the choice is clear We should merely retaliate Show them no mercy Show them no compassion. Met out bullet for bullet Cut them off entirely Even the ones who raised no sword Hate wishes their… Continue reading No Mercy

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Ordinary Man

Ordinary Man An ordinary man With an ordinary grin Tall and gangly Confident spark in his eyes The soul that lurks inside Is kind and gentle His smile embodies this People look on with contempt The ordinary man With the ordinary grin Is looked on by some Judging him unattractive Observing this man I smirk… Continue reading Ordinary Man

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Goodbye to Facebook and Twitter

    I wanted to make a quick post explaining a recent action of mine. I have deactivated both my Facebook and Twitter accounts, meaning I will no longer be on either of those social networking sites. If you were my friend on either of those platforms, I did not unfriend or unfollow you. I… Continue reading Goodbye to Facebook and Twitter

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Thief in the Night

Thief in the Night It was a day and a night that I will carry with me to my grave. All four of us in the house were so very young that dreary fall morning. Moving myself into the bathroom to take a shower, I was fully prepared to go to my freshman class. Of… Continue reading Thief in the Night

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Silver Lining

Silver Lining If you look closely enough Through the bad, there is a silver lining. If you look for the good and the light, Surely, you will see it. When he held me up high My grandfather was king of the world The day he breathed his last Proved to be a long way to… Continue reading Silver Lining

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Fear Are you afraid of the great unknown? Does death frighten you? The questions asked unto me I simply smile at the thought quizzically How can one be afraid of the unavoidable? The thought of falling to sleep Never waking up as the abyss overcomes I have seen far worse in my life than the… Continue reading Fear