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Are you afraid of the great unknown?

Does death frighten you?

The questions asked unto me

I simply smile at the thought quizzically

How can one be afraid of the unavoidable?

The thought of falling to sleep

Never waking up as the abyss overcomes

I have seen far worse in my life than the reaper

Fear is such a bizarre sentiment

Respect, loathing all together

Seeing another suffer whom I love

A child without food or clothes

The bondage of helplessness

Is what I truly fear and despise

Wanting to do anything but in the end cannot

Respecting it because it is a part of life

Losing a piece of my heart in you

Watching the dreamless sleep overtake

The very thing I want to protect

I fear that more than my own death.

2 thoughts on “Fear”

  1. Thank you so much 🙂 I wrote Invisible and Silver Lining today, too. I am kind of on a writing frenzy. I am doing a short story at the moment to go in my book. I’m calling it “Twenty three till three”

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