Death, Love, Memories, Poetry

Silver Lining

Silver Lining

If you look closely enough

Through the bad, there is a silver lining.

If you look for the good and the light,

Surely, you will see it.

When he held me up high

My grandfather was king of the world

The day he breathed his last

Proved to be a long way to plummet.

If you look closely enough

Through the pain and remember,

The good will come back to you

And surely, you will see it.

My aunt’s wisdom and compassion

Teaching me how to be independent

A part of us connected, my own heart crushed

When she perished in a fatal crash.

I revealed to no one those tears

The silver lining was dim

The experience so unexpected

How could anyone see it?

I held my grandmother tight

I stayed by her side and remembered

The good she told me as I held her hand

Always be able to take care of yourself.

My heart shattered to pieces

The beginning of holding back my pain

I still tried to see the silver lining

Then my best friend was dying.

She held on as long as she could

The smile never once faded

Loving both of her babies,

She thought she had it beat.

The silver lining was darker

As she fought it bravely

After all, she couldn’t lose

She had so much to live for.

The remedy made her worse

As I held her hand tight in her sleep,

Dear God,  “If she’s going to be well, make her healthy

If she’s not, then end her pain.”

The hardest prayer I ever prayed

I couldn’t take away her cancer

I held her hand, oh, so tight

Where is that silver lining?

Heart beating so very quick

I cried one last time honestly

Now I hold the pillow tight

It will eternally collect my tears.

To lose those you love

Is the hardest thing to do

I still seek my silver lining

And hold my pillow near.

How can I ever show emotion again?

When can I love without restraint?

Where is this silver lining they speak about?

Looking to the sky, “Show your face”!

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