Goodbye to Facebook and Twitter



I wanted to make a quick post explaining a recent action of mine. I have deactivated both my Facebook and Twitter accounts, meaning I will no longer be on either of those social networking sites. If you were my friend on either of those platforms, I did not unfriend or unfollow you. I am simply mentally exhausted with all of the proverbial bovine fecal matter  that I have witnessed over the course of using them. I have chosen to keep my WordPress blog because I do enjoy writing stories and poems, painting, drawing, and posting random ideas I have at the time.

I have many more ideas and reasons in which I may write on later, but at the present moment, I don’t want to get into it too much. For now, I am simply stepping back from those sites. I might go back and I might not. Either way it goes, the ones that want to keep in touch with me know how to find me.

Until then, have a wonderful day and much love to you all.



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