Abuse, Depression, Memories, Poetry

Old Enemy

My Old Enemy

Bruised and torn flesh

The wounds heal slow

Of how your hand made me thrash

As I took blow after blow.

The memories of years past

Somehow enter my mind

My voice shook as I asked

How much longer will I be confined.

My chest wore the bruises

My thoughts filled with sadness

As I remember all of your excuses

Your attempts to explain your madness.

I wanted to leave so many times

I didn’t think I was strong enough

I deserved to pay for my crimes

Your arm wrapped around my neck so rough.

The wounds and bruises have vanished

I finally broke free of your abuse

My soul love famished

And my mind terribly confused.

Your words haunt my dreams

Tormented by your actions

I kept inside all my screams

Trying to hide my reactions.

You are now just a memory

When my dreams decide to recall

My old tormentor and enemy

Who had me against the wall.




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