Death, Friends, Memories, Poetry

War Memories

War Memories

Concrete shatters

Bullets whiz by

Heart race quickens

My ally by my side

“Will it ever stop?” he asks.

Sweat beading down my nose

Grabbing my gun tighter

We stare in each others’ eyes

As fast as it starts

The faster it stops

It may be clear

Moving forward to be sure

He grabs my hand

Tells me he will look

The bullets rain again

Stealing his light

Dazed expression on my face

Half a century passed

Recalling the horrid memories

Of that frightful night

With a shake of the head

Returning to present day

Looking at my children

Wondering what if I had looked.

*Dedicated to my Grandfather. Sandy W. Mashburn June 1915 – August 1991 and his service in WW2, as well as his friends he lost in the War. May those Veterans who have served never be forgotten.

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