Fighting PTSD

We had our first access issue on 19 October, 2012. My husband and I had gone out for a date to one of our favorite restaurants. We had been there before with Chauncey without issue. It started when my husband and I entered through the patio and a waitress stopped us and said ‘no pets’. I calmly told her that Chauncey was not a pet, he was a service dog and by federal law he is allowed to accompany me. She obviously didn’t believe me, but told us we could take a seat anywhere. Our waitress brought us menus and got our drink orders just before one of the managers came out to our table with the same line “I’m sorry, we don’t allow pets”. Once again, I explained that Chauncey is not a pet; he is a service dog and tried to explain that he was allowed by federal…

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My Hope

My Hope A land so great Land so beautiful They looked upon With great respect No thought of money None of destruction When the stranger arrived They offer a place to sleep The outsider gazes at the land He wants and desires for himself Greed in his heart and spirit Leads to pain and sorrow… Continue reading My Hope

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  The past week has been completely about change. I began work at a place called Shop NBC this past Monday in which for the next month or so I will be training to know how to properly do my job as a Customer Service Agent. Shop NBC is basically a home shopping network and… Continue reading Changes

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A walk in my neighborhood (Photos)

I decided to take a little walk around my apartment complex this evening and really look at everything. I love fall so much, it has always been my favorite season. I love the nice breeze I feel and the changing colors. I noticed the little neighborhood cat wandering around the apartment and being as sweet… Continue reading A walk in my neighborhood (Photos)

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How do you handle sickness?

  The past week (since about Saturday night) has been filled with coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. I couldn't escape the annual upper respiratory infection and attempted in vain to treat it myself with de-congestions and an array of medicines. I finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctor to get some antibiotics and an inhaler… Continue reading How do you handle sickness?


The Daily Post

Ah, the elusive comment. All bloggers know the joy of the comment notification, the disappointment of those posts where the “Leave a Comment” prompt never changes to a number. A good comment thread can elevate a lackluster post, and a bad one – one that’s full of in-fighting or self-promotion – can turn off new readers. I read some blogs for the comments alone. Certain bloggers have built communities of loyal commenters whose insightful and entertaining conversations are almost more fun than the posts themselves.

So how do you encourage good commenting on your site, and discourage bad behavior (or silence)? Here are some ideas:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

A series of photographs that make me happy: The dogs and cat that my husband and I have rescued. The day Gary and I were married. Hanging out with my best friend and have a "geek attack" when we see a Doctor Who display. Remembering my grandfather and mother who have long since passed away.… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

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Broken Heart

I came to you half a person I merely sought a friend What you gave only worsened A heart that was on the mend For years, I couldn't trust You came back asking how I was I looked at you with disgust You thought it was without cause Such a picture perfect person People think… Continue reading Broken Heart

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Office Justice

Office Justice A Short Story by: Susan R.             A middle aged man had worked all his life in order to get into upper management. He continued on the journey of his entire working career to be reach this moment to obtain such a prestigious title that he had earned. He realized the more years… Continue reading Office Justice

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Human Nature

Human Nature   Human nature brings wants Craves what I don't need My mind is where it haunts all my evil deeds Never happy with what I got So happy with it now Another dirty little spot I can't allow Human nature brings my wants craves that I don't need my mind is where it… Continue reading Human Nature