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Once Upon a Time…


The sun and I don’t really mix too well at times. I still find myself wearing wonderfully dark sunglasses even when it is a bit foggy outside. As I drove down the 40 mile journey to do the real world responsibility of completing a drug test for a job, my mind kept wondering back to the last few days. I have been rather intrigued about a certain television show that has recently aired. “Once Upon A Time…” has completely revitalized my creative mind and has enabled me to think even deeper than I generally do.

My husband accompanied me to the doctor’s office this morning as I drove and I asked him a few questions. You see, our age difference has never exactly bothered me. He is older than I and I rambled off questions as I drove. The one question that he answered struck me as the most peculiar. “When did you stop liking fairy tales?” I asked him.

After an honest deep thought, he whispered “I don’t remember.”

I didn’t say anything to that answer right away but it kind of struck something in me. When I get to be his age, I really don’t want to grow up entirely. Yes, I will work and pay my bills like an adult should but the imagination should never die out completely. Maybe it’s just a sentimental thought but it is mine and I will do everything I possibly can in order to keep that thought alive. If the day should come I am an 80 year old woman crocheting a blanket for my grandchildren, I want to be the one that tells them fairy tales as  they wrap themselves in that blanket. Not because it’s real but because it makes you remember that beautiful innocence that comes with being a child.

Our bodies age and wrinkles form across our skin, but our mind needs to be fed just as much as those bodies. I think that once that spark in your eyes goes away when you see Cinderella’s glass slippers fit, that’s when you truly grow up.

I suppose if you dig in a bit deeper into the show, you can see how the real world and fantasy world can be so much different. I don’t want that spark in my eye to go away when I read a fairy tale or watch a movie. I reiterate that fact because I suppose if I say it enough times, I’ll completely know how important it is to protect the child-like mind. In the real world we live in now a days, it is more important than ever to remember those silly little fairy tales and hopes of a happy ending.

Until then, I imagine that life is a bit of a duplicity for some of us. We know we need to grow up but when the day is over, we enter a dream world that is ours’ to command. Honestly, I still dream that I am flying or I see a rainbow in the night. As long as I dream of those things, my spark won’t go out.

Have a fantastic day and much love, my friends.


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