Broken Heart, Depression, Growing Up, Love, Poetry, Youth

Broken Heart

I came to you half a person
I merely sought a friend
What you gave only worsened
A heart that was on the mend

For years, I couldn’t trust
You came back asking how I was
I looked at you with disgust
You thought it was without cause

Such a picture perfect person
People think you’re to be admired
What you give only worsens
A heart that needed to be inspired

The spirit you were given
You destroyed into pieces
Now, that heart is driven
To a position mistrust increases

Yes, I know that when they asked

Merely shrugging off your actions

“I only feel sorry for her”

And they forgave your infractions

Convincing them it was merely a pretense

You thought she’d never know

When she found out your secret, she grew tense
That it was all just a gigantic show

Yes, I never thought I could trust again
I only share how I feel with few
And, even then, with great disdain
I now bid you a great adieu

But not before giving credit where its due
I wish to thank you for breaking my heart
Now I can better distinguish through
The people who want to tear it apart.




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