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How do you handle sickness?


The past week (since about Saturday night) has been filled with coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. I couldn’t escape the annual upper respiratory infection and attempted in vain to treat it myself with de-congestions and an array of medicines. I finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctor to get some antibiotics and an inhaler so I could finally breathe. As I was waiting in the actual exam room, I found myself wondering how our ancestors dealt with being ill.

It’s really painful when you can’t breathe and all you can really do is cough so hard, you wind up pulling some muscles in your back. If it weren’t for the medicines I got yesterday, I would still feel that way. However, I am here less than a day later and can use my nose and lungs for their intended purpose.

It is so amazing how far we’ve come along in just the past few centuries and I really think that it’s awesome.

So, are you like me and wait for awhile before you finally break down and go to the doctor? Or do you just try to self medicate and hope for the best?

We do have so many options today in how to treat the common cold but do we take those options for granted?

Just a thought. Until then, stay well and don’t get sick!

Love and God bless you all,


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