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  Control   Eyes closed so tight Jaw clenched in fright Balling my pale, shaking fists How can I take much more of this?   Words in my ear are partially true I do tend to flee sometimes It's not the unproblematic choice In fact, it can be rather hard...   Through these eyes I… Continue reading Control

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Gif Challenge

So, I used every fourth Gif for this challenge. Feel free to take the challenge upon yourselves if you want. Some of these made me giggle. Oh, and thanks so much to my new followers and for liking my poetry. My new book cover is complete and will be working on getting the book ready… Continue reading Gif Challenge

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  Tomorrow   I was going to call you today But then I lost track of time Then I saw it was the next day And I said I'd call you tomorrow...   I'm sorry that I forget But then, I did it again I was going to write you a lover's prose Except it… Continue reading Tomorrow

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The Fox

  The Fox   If for some reason, when this body expires And my spirit may find itself ┬áhere once more I'd desire to be a fox And would be the most cunning..   I already know what people are like They hurt each other and animals, too Never would be confined as a pet… Continue reading The Fox

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My Lover’s Chest

  My Lover's Chest   So dark in this small room Forgetting for a moment where I am Eyes opened but see naught A deep abyss ,void of sight.   Sounds from my head rest fills my ear Tracing my gently fingers over The touch of soft hair A blemish as I trace the skin...… Continue reading My Lover’s Chest

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Hello, There

  Hello, there It's nice to see your smile Ask how I am And say you're an ally.   Why, hello there I hope you are quite well I ask how you are Good day, my friend.   Turning my back I have to go Your voice I heard Speaking of me...   Words you… Continue reading Hello, There

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Impatient Cursor

  Impatient Cursor   Fingers tapping on plastic keys Memories seep in as I think What to write about today Another tale of love unrequited? Perhaps, use words to express grief? Maybe of how blue the sky is? It's all been done before Each is slightly different. The keys click and clack with each stroke… Continue reading Impatient Cursor

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Mother’s Hands

  Hands so very small Who would think they could do so much? The scrape on my knee felt her healing touch The gentle brush as she wiped my tears.   Closing my eyes as I touch her delicate fingers I remember her holding the brush Sitting on the floor before her Bowing my head,… Continue reading Mother’s Hands

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Don’t Notice

Don't Notice Anxiety and Nervousness Palms deep in my pockets Head hung low, eyes downcast Reddish bangs cover blue eyes   No, don't look at me, please. Need to make it through Halls filled with kids like me But they don't see me like them. Please, just keep ignoring me.   Don't notice, no, don't… Continue reading Don’t Notice

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Silver Coins

Silver Coins Change can mean numerous things Silver coins loose in my pocket Who knows how many fingers Have grazed across over the years.   A change in personality "Do not ever change" The words in my yearbook says... "Stay the same as you are."   Over a decade ago My lips were sealed All… Continue reading Silver Coins