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Mother’s Hands

  Hands so very small Who would think they could do so much? The scrape on my knee felt her healing touch The gentle brush as she wiped my tears.   Closing my eyes as I touch her delicate fingers I remember her holding the brush Sitting on the floor before her Bowing my head,… Continue reading Mother’s Hands

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Don’t Notice

Don't Notice Anxiety and Nervousness Palms deep in my pockets Head hung low, eyes downcast Reddish bangs cover blue eyes   No, don't look at me, please. Need to make it through Halls filled with kids like me But they don't see me like them. Please, just keep ignoring me.   Don't notice, no, don't… Continue reading Don’t Notice

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Silver Coins

Silver Coins Change can mean numerous things Silver coins loose in my pocket Who knows how many fingers Have grazed across over the years.   A change in personality "Do not ever change" The words in my yearbook says... "Stay the same as you are."   Over a decade ago My lips were sealed All… Continue reading Silver Coins