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Silver Coins

Silver Coins

Change can mean numerous things

Silver coins loose in my pocket

Who knows how many fingers

Have grazed across over the years.


A change in personality

“Do not ever change”

The words in my yearbook says…

“Stay the same as you are.”


Over a decade ago

My lips were sealed

All dialogue locked up

In the recesses of my mind.


Time has been a harsh Mistress.

As I grow, she becomes harder

My tongue is more apt to speak

Old friends wonder why I change.


Truly, I can’t tell you why

I’m more vocal with my thoughts

Time has taught me to cease

Cease what? Worrying so much…


Through the scorns and marks

I bare warily on my beating heart

I’ve become a bit more… not callous

No, not even stone hearted.


What have I become?

Just another face on this earth

No more and no less

While I’m here, I’ve made a choice.


Is it even fair to say I’ve changed?

As I disagree with you,

You insist that I have.

I’ve always felt these opinions.


Opinions can get people killed

Opinions can get people hurt

It’s not the opinion,

Rather, it’s when one opposes.


Change…. or is it simply

I’ve learned to be who I am?

No longer afraid to speak

When I defend someone who’s weak?


The silver coins in my pocket

Swish back and forth, my finger takes one.

The touch of many on my heart

Having a hand in what I’ve become.


© Susan Reed

Three Coins in the Fountain

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