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  Tomorrow   I was going to call you today But then I lost track of time Then I saw it was the next day And I said I'd call you tomorrow...   I'm sorry that I forget But then, I did it again I was going to write you a lover's prose Except it… Continue reading Tomorrow

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The Fox

  The Fox   If for some reason, when this body expires And my spirit may find itself ┬áhere once more I'd desire to be a fox And would be the most cunning..   I already know what people are like They hurt each other and animals, too Never would be confined as a pet… Continue reading The Fox

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My Lover’s Chest

  My Lover's Chest   So dark in this small room Forgetting for a moment where I am Eyes opened but see naught A deep abyss ,void of sight.   Sounds from my head rest fills my ear Tracing my gently fingers over The touch of soft hair A blemish as I trace the skin...… Continue reading My Lover’s Chest