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The Fox


The Fox


If for some reason, when this body expires

And my spirit may find itself  here once more

I’d desire to be a fox

And would be the most cunning..


I already know what people are like

They hurt each other and animals, too

Never would be confined as a pet

I may well be sly enough to sneak upon you.


I imagine I would watch the highbrow man eat his meal

On a bench and sneer at the homeless man

Laying a sandwich on the seat as he takes his drink

His eyes averted, I stick my head through the bars.


Catching the bread and meat between my teeth

My amber eyes would gaze at the homeless man

Stalking cautiously to him, placing it in his hand

Naturally, I’d dash away before he touches me.


In a second life as the fox

My soul would be unbroken

I would never allow another

The option to capture or tame me.


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