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Idle Sunday Gif Challenge

Good evening. Today has been rather boring because it's been raining outside. Got to love crazy Kentucky weather. So, what better way to spend it than doing a Gif challenge. Using every fourth gif I had, this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy it and the last few hours left of the… Continue reading Idle Sunday Gif Challenge

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The Hospital

  This morning, my husband and I had to be at the hospital very early. He had to get a procedure done and I spent a lot of time waiting in the lobby. I mostly observed people and wrote this poem about what I noticed. I'm quite tired now, though. I just did my exercises… Continue reading The Hospital

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The Graveyard

"The Graveyard" Short Story of an afternoon at the graveyard and the thoughts ¬†on the visit.   The dark grey tombstones are neatly placed in rows all on the earth in this tiny corner of the world. Well, yes, you see---the corner is small. However, the cemetery is rather vast. It's all about perspective. I… Continue reading The Graveyard