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How NOT to write a Business Letter

  An elaboration of an earlier Facebook Status post.   It's moments such as these that I am very fortunate and pleased that I have had the opportunity to go to college to get my education from Daymar College. Specifically, the class of Business Communications in which I've learned how to form proper business letters… Continue reading How NOT to write a Business Letter

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New Harry Potter Gif Challenge.

Got a lot of new Gifs now so ...redid the Harry Potter one to see how much different it was. I must seek out more challenges hehe 😀       the 1st gif in your folder is you getting your acceptance letter   the 32nd is you upon entering diagon alley   the 13th… Continue reading New Harry Potter Gif Challenge.

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Walking Dead Gif Challenge

So, it's Friday night and I'm doing random gif challenges again. Whoo-hoo. Can't wait for the Walking Dead to come back on.   Going to use every 4th Gif for this one. Hope you enjoy.   Walking Dead Gif Challenge.     When you wake up in hospital and fall out of bed:    … Continue reading Walking Dead Gif Challenge

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My addiction to these is only growing....oy vey...   GIF CHALLENGE: LIFE AS A MOVIE Opening Credits (8th Gif): Waking Up (41st Gif): The Everyday HumDrum (6th Gif): Falling In Love (18th Gif): You in a Fight (54th Gif): You in a Break Up (10th Gif): Your Drunken State (61st Gif): Failing to Win Him… Continue reading GIF CHALLENGE: LIFE AS A MOVIE

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Continued Life in Gifs…

      Life Gif Challenge Use every 7 gifs This is you:     =D This is your lovely brother:   My brother is odd... This is your mom: hmmm This is your father:   My dad a British Butler...haha This is you on your first date:   I confuse a date...with a… Continue reading Continued Life in Gifs…

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My Life in Gifs

My life in GIFs 1. Open GIF Folder. 2. Use Every Fourth GIF. 3. NO SKIPPING. Your parent’s reaction when you were born: Your reaction when you were born: How you felt when you learned to walk: How you felt when you learned to talk: How you felt on the first day of school: Your… Continue reading My Life in Gifs

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Good morning and Once Upon a Time Gif challenge!

Good morning everyone 🙂 I think I'm becoming a bit addicted to gifs. I saved some more to my Gif folder and ran across another challenge of a show that I like which is "Once Upon a Time". I don't want to spoil the latest episode so I will only say: I felt so bad… Continue reading Good morning and Once Upon a Time Gif challenge!

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Doctor Who Gif Challenge

Well, I pretty much did the Harry Potter ....felt it only fair I do a Doctor Who one. I'm such a fan girl 🙂         Doctor Who Gif Challenge     1. Your average day (7th gif) Pretty much :-\ 2. Until You see the TARDIS! (24th gif)   That better… Continue reading Doctor Who Gif Challenge

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Another Harry Potter Gif

Found some new gifs and decided to do one more for today before I do something more productive. A few of these made me giggle 🙂 Enjoy ! xoxoxo Susan     1st gif in your folder is you getting your acceptance letter The 12th is you when you enter Diagon Alley.   . Don't… Continue reading Another Harry Potter Gif

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Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Found a Harry Potter Gif Challenge. I had to do it. 😀     The 7th GIF in your folder is you receiving your Hogwarts letter:   bada$$ The 12th is your parents’ faces when you tell them you’re a wizard:   They're proud =D The 2nd is your reaction to Platform 9 3/4: The 20th is you… Continue reading Harry Potter Gif Challenge