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Weekend Gif Challenge and Happy New Year!!!

I’ve been rather wrapped in a lot of different issues as of late. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my mind: poems I’ve scribbled, plot developments, and that of the like. However, I’ve had next to no time to actually write them all down and organize them. Hopefully, when my life gets organized, I will be able to do that soon. In any case, I’ve noticed I’ve very much neglected my blog site and I am very sorry for that. I bring you yet another gif challenge as quite a few of you seem to enjoy those. I hope you like this one and, soon, after my college coursework is caught up and my “life” in general is better organized, I can be more poetic.


Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and best wishes, prayers, and love to you all.

Thank you so much to those who read my blogs. It means so much to me!




How your life is now: 5th gif



24th is how your life will be in 5 years:



22nd is your first boyfriend/girlfriend:



29th is how your relationship will end:



32nd is your future husband/wife:


42nd is you on your wedding day:


19th is your mother/father-in-law:


39th is you finding out you are pregnant:


11th is your husband’s reaction to the pregnancy:


34th is your first child:



My first child will be an evil plotter type? ….makes logical sense lol

27th is the family pet:


I have a pet time lord….cool heh

31st is your reaction to the kids leaving home:


10th is your 25th wedding anniversary:


Last is you on your death bed


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