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Another Harry Potter Gif

Found some new gifs and decided to do one more for today before I do something more productive. A few of these made me giggle 🙂

Enjoy !

xoxoxo Susan



1st gif in your folder is you getting your acceptance letter

The 12th is you when you enter Diagon Alley.



Don’t worry..I’m supposed to be here 😀

The 13th is you saying goodbye while getting on the train

The 20th is you meeting new friends


I’m not very sociable I see….
The 4th is you getting sorted.


I do tend to get nervous hah
The 10th is you eating at the feast


nomnoms 😀
The 9th is you during all your classes


I just have to be the creepy kid, don’t I?
The 21st is you passing end of year exams

The 34th is you leaving for summer holidays


I don’t wanna go 😥
The 30th gif is your reaction once you realize Harry got a better grade in Defense against the Dark Arts than you


The 40th in your folder is your reaction when Snape praises you

The 51st is how you looked when you saw Harry on your doorstep

The 35th in your folder is the person who waits for you in the Room of Requirement

The 17th in your folder is the Death Eater you killed in the Battle of Hogwarts

The 8th in your folder is the face you saw on Professor Quirrell’s head

The 47th and 16th are your lovable sidekicks


The 7th is your Slytherin enemy

The very last gif is you




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