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Good morning and Once Upon a Time Gif challenge!

Good morning everyone 🙂

I think I’m becoming a bit addicted to gifs. I saved some more to my Gif folder and ran across another challenge of a show that I like which is “Once Upon a Time”. I don’t want to spoil the latest episode so I will only say: I felt so bad for Rumple. Yes. I am completely a Rumpelstiltskin fan. I hope next week’s episode is a happy one. I’ve been finding my gifs on Tumblr, by the way, if you’re curious. I think they’re quickly taking up the majority of my memory on the computer.

In any case, I suppose I should do something productive today–I might clean something. Hope everyone has a great day and I’ll get back to more poems as soon as my muse comes out of hiding. She’s seriously been quiet lately which has me slightly concerned.

Much love and take care!!

xoxoxo Susan



The first GIF in your folder is you upon meeting Emma:


Your 9th GIF is your reaction to the stranger coming to Storybrooke:


Oh look, it’s Regina! The 14th GIF is your reaction:


Oh no! She just tore down Henry’s playground! What are you gonna do? (Use GIF 12 to find out):


You need to make a deal with Mr. Gold. The 6th GIF is your reaction:


The 24th GIF is what you’re making the deal about:


GIF 22 is the outcome of this deal:


The 10th GIF is how you feel about Regina killing Graham:


The 27th GIF is what you thought when Emma saved Regina from the fire:


The 19th GIF is you upon meeting Henry:


Your best friend in all of Storybrooke is (use GIF 16):


Here comes Mary Margaret! GIF 30 is how you feel about this encounter:


Butter or Gravy? You know what that means: you just had a run in with the Blind Witch. GIF 33 is your reaction:


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