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Every day someone is lost

Another soul gone too soon

Never easy to lose one

Although it happens incessantly


I’m not the only one that’s cried

That’s held my pillow tight

Praying for it to all be a dream

Nightmare rather, that they died


I’m not the only one that’s held

Loved ones tight to my heart

Kissing away final tears…….

So very many over the years


It never gets easy, I’m sorry to say

No matter what you do

You can’t take that pain away

You can help them through…..


Don’t abandon the mourners

The ones that cry outwardly

The ones that don’t show a single tear

Coping in different ways, makes us human


What is needed the most is free

What they desire the most is dear

One who’s lost so much wants one thing

To be held, to know they aren’t alone……

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