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Inspired Drawing

I needed a little me time today and decided to draw.

I’ve been reading this incredibly amazing story over on that is breathtaking. The chapters are short but they get to the point. The author really draws you into the world of what ifs and has a completely different outlook on how the Marauders took to Remus’ werewolf secret. It’s called “Remus’s Secret revealed” and I decided to draw a piece in honor of that story. I hope that it’s done the author justice and the story. I never liked Peter Pettigrew that much but that story really makes me want to shove the rolls he feeds Remus (only food the dork will let him have) like Iago did to the Sultan in Aladdin. I might do a drawing just for myself depicting that.

In any case, here’s the drawing that I just finished.



Here’s the video of Iago I’m talking about:


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