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Such a loud sound

Unsure of its origins

Just in the next room

Louder, louder


Ignore the sound

Don’t pay attention

Turn the volume louder

Try to drowned it out


Nagging, Nagging

Ask the only person

Who sits quietly aside

What is that noise?


Eyes the color of the earth

Turns with a half smile

It’s nothing, my dear

All in here is just fine


Time passes so slowly

Yet so quickly at once

Months go by

You hear it again


Drowned out the sound

Try to ignore it

Sounds growing louder

Louder, Louder still…


What is that inane noise?

Why is it so loud?

You look for answers again

Same answer: all is well


Days turn to months

Months into years

Each hour full of broke promises

Each month filled with lies


He knows what he’s doing

Not wanting to get caught

He’s pulled from his thoughts

Wondering: What is that sound?


When the sly one hears the same

‘All is fine, nothing wrong at all’

He believes that he’s still free

To charm those not his own


Last slab of the mortar

Slides on the final brick

The last piece of the puzzle

Firmly held in place….


Months, days, years

Given ample time to change

The hope is broken

Not the wall, never the wall


He hears the noises again

Stepping from those  he’s charmed

Asking once more: What is that noise?

I hear it again: nagging, nagging


Hand firmly held to chest

The answer is different

Yet still nearly the same

I am fine she says


What is it then? What is the noise?

Darling, it was the sound of many things

The sound of your conscious

The sound of the mortar mixed

The sound of a heart rising defenses

I don’t understand. What do you mean?

Strike right, dear. You don’t understand.

Multiple chances are blown

Yet, you managed to build a wall.


A wall? What wall is this? I’ve been nowhere.

You’ve been everywhere and for naught

For when you lied over and over again

Destroying what you had

You constructed a well made wall

One forged of tears, blood, and deadness.


He stands at the doorway and bows his head

He wants to salvage what he has….

That noise. What is that blasted noise?

It’s the sound of everything you lost,

And the creation of a brick and mortar heart.



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