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The Final Kiss










The Final Kiss



Bits and pieces of stardust

Flying through space

Our doorstep it lands…

Curious modest place


Is this what I’m made of?

The same as you

Came from up above

Surely, cannot be true…


Black canvas like velvet

Sent a fierce kiss

Not at all gentle

Life from the abyss


The kiss came with a price

Oh, such a dear cost

Consequences so concise

So many lives lost


“It cannot be real”

Is what we tell ourselves

Until the day we kneel

At the empty shells


The kiss that was granted

From a time long ago

Somehow implanted

A harsh, painful blow…


Humanity would have to face

No matter how they try to run away

The last time they would embrace

Leaving souls in utter dismay


The question is, after all is said

Is it we’re in grief of them

Or that one day we will die?

No, this is not to condemn


Shall humanity go quietly

Accepting its fate: that of death

Do we truly have a choice

When we seize that last breath?


Deep in our lungs, the final kiss

The longest embrace from long ago

Once given, now taken away …

Making us stardust …once more….

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