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Questioning my Faith



Just a poem I wrote just now questioning my faith….so many questions. Maybe some will have an answer before I have to leave this earth….


Questioning My Faith


Such a change inside my soul

Unsure how it got there

Maybe because I’ve grown old

Or the judgmental stare….


It’s not that I don’t believe

Don’t misunderstand my words

I keep my faith in my heart

A prayer upon my lips …


What I really meant to say

Is hard, in fact, to articulate

I understand the words

I don’t understand the hate


As a human race, we must see

The pain we cause each other

Does no good to the cause

What on earth is the cause?


From a voice so soft

A touch so sincere

Don’t let your hate

Outweigh your love….


Turn on the news

Humans being blown up

Babies being hurt

Animals being tortured…..


In the name of what exactly?

A bright sign says a contradiction…

Disagreeing with my morals

“God Hates You”


In the name of God,

He’s gonna cut you down

Throw you in a lake

Surrounded by fire


I wasn’t taught this…

In the name of religion

This is what I see…

Don’t talk about that though….


Why can’t I talk about it?

You surely wonder now….

Sadly, the stone is cast at me…

How dare I question such things?


So, you see, I put no stock

In this thing called religion

I put my stock in a deity

Stronger than I am …


I hope and try to hold on

For that’s one of the gifts

He sent us from above

That He does love us…


How can God really hate?

He created us, after all

Surely, there’s some mistake

And my faith isn’t fallen…


I truly hope deep inside

That my faith won’t break

And God loves us all…

Faith, hope, and love….

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