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School Day: Gif Challenge

Gif Challenge wooo!


Gif Game

*Every 4th gif in your folder

1. Your alarm clock goes off, you reach your hand to make the awful noise stop. What does your alarm clock look like?




2.Ugh, alarm clocks. You wake up, and you look like….




3. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. What are you eating today?



Makes sense…since I don’t eat breakfast…

4. Time to go to school. Speaking of school, what is your school mascot?




5. You get to school and you see your bully. What does he (or she, or it I guess) look like?




6. Scary, but you avoid him/she/it for now. Go to your first class which is….




7. Fun. Now class is over, time to go to your next class. unfortunately you see your bully. What happens to you?




8. Tragic, very tragic. Because of this, you are now late for class, which is English. You get to class, what is your excuse for being late?




9. This is your teacher….




10….Who doesn’t care about your excuse and tells you to just sit down. You sit next to your best friend. Who is it?




11. Life is better with friends. Moving past the boring stuff, we skip to you going to lunch. What are you eating?




12. You go to your next class, which is….




13. And your teacher?




14. For reasons no one will understand, you have to give a speech in this class. What is your speech topic?




15. Public speaking can be scary. How are you feeling?




16. It doesn’t matter if you did good or not because your teacher wasn’t grading you anyway. Sometimes you really hate this school. Good news is you get to go home, what’s school like when it’s over?




17. You see your bully for the last time today. Can’t abscond, you’ll have to fight. What do you do?




18. It was a tie, the bully got bored and you aren’t dead yet. You get home. What’s your home like?




19. You have a sibling, who is excited to see you. Who is this sibling?




20. Time to wrap things up. Your parents ask how your day went. What do you tell them?



The random gif challenges rarely make sense. I’ve been out of high school for quite a while but sometimes I feel like it never ends. Therefore, I shall leave you all with this music video.



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