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Doctor Who Gif Challenge (New One)

We’re less than two weeks away from the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. I am so excited and can’t believe that it’s finally growing closer. I’ve also got a bunch of new gifs that I’ve added to my collection, therefore, I present you with this (incredibly odd) one. The results make little to no sense. Anyways, it was fun to do and I will miss Matt Smith. I do look forward to Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.
I’d also like to share this video of the precise moment I fell in love with Matt Smith. 🙂


So, what are your thoughts on everything Doctor Who? I look forward to hearing your opinions and comments. Much love, as always, xoxox
Doctor Who Gif Challenge (In honor of the new trailer)

(use every third gif)

You hear the TARDIS materializing:




You meet the Doctor:



He asks you to come with him:




The first thing you see on your adventure:




Your approach as a companion:


Urm……didn’t expect that


You meet Captain Jack Harkness:



You run into an evil villain:





You’re captured by evil villain:




The Doctor finds you:


I don’t want to be rescued? I’m so backwards in this challenge lol


How you defeat the villain:



You return to the TARDIS:


A bit jumpy, am I?

You return to Earth:


Midgard….blah lol

The Doctor asks you to continue traveling with him:



He hands you your own TARDIS key:


Yeah, this challenge is so backwards lol

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