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“Time: A Harsh Mistress” Available

For the past eighteen years, I have wanted to do something that I thought would never happen. Until today.

I wanted to give my mama a birthday present.

February 19, 1996 was the last time I would ever be able to celebrate my mother’s birthday with her. After that, I couldn’t give her a gift. That year she wanted a quilt from a general market in Covington, TN and I bought it.  All of the chemo treatments she went through made her cold and she needed it to keep her warm. She slept with it and loved the warmth it gave her. I was happy to give her something to make everything a bit better.

We take for granted, sometimes, the ability to be able to gift things to our loved ones. Some find it a chore. Some find it a way to get into someone’s good graces. Some give presents because they truly want to.

I enjoy giving a gift in hopes that the person can use it to make their life better.

To be honest, I would normally become depressed today but this year is different. On this day, February 19, 2014, everything is so wonderfully different. I am able to, in a way, give my mother a gift.

How is that possible you wonder?

My life is far from dreadful but it’s far from perfect, too. I’ve documented certain events in my life by works of prose and have been for a very long time. Since the day she passed, and even before that, I have written poems about how I handle certain situations – bullying, mourning, change, hope, and nearly every subject you can think. I’ve tried to remember my mother’s advice and continue smiling, never give up, and don’t take life for granted because it is far too short.

I am proud and honored to present to you my poetry collection, in book form, now on sale at Amazon. It has been a work of the first thirty years of my life. I couldn’t accomplish this without the assistance of my dear friend, Stephen Elliot, who edited the book and helped me to realize that my dream could become a reality.

Here is the Video Promo for the Poetry Collection dedicated to my mother.

Stephen can be found at his FaceBook Page.

I hope that, if you read my book, it will give you hope for whatever struggles you may be going through. You’re not alone and you can make it through.

Click the picture below to purchase your copy from Amazon and thank you so very much.

BookCoverPreview (1)


Or, if you prefer, the link to the CreateSpace option to buy can be found here:

God bless you all.


S. Reed

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mama.

Deborah Lee Moore

February 19, 1958 ~ November 11, 1996

Gone but never forgotten

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