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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

“What do you treasure? What’s most important to you?



008                                Photo by Susan Reed

The picture above symbolizes friendship and pleasant surprises.

When I first moved to Kentucky from Tennessee, the only person I knew was my husband (then fiance). I’m very introverted as well and that can make it almost impossible to form a friendship with strangers. Get me in a crowded room and I’m searching for the nearest corner where I observe other people.

So, on the first night when I started with my random tirades and Otey started laughing, coming up with his own in response, it left me curious.

The second night, I exploded sugar all over the baking aisle we were working and, thus, did a full out Snoopy dance trying to clean it up.

And since that December in 2005, he and I have kept in touch. One of our favorite places to go is a good Chinese Restaurant where we have the oddest conversations. We speak on Time-Travel, Marvel Comics, the fact that I do tend to like the bad guys in a movie more than the hero (but really, Loki is just misunderstood!), and anything that crosses our minds.

On one of these lovely trips, we were about to leave and there this silk rose was for sale. Black, even, and the last one. I love black. I didn’t have enough $$$ to get it and he didn’t hesitate. He put it on the counter and bought it for me.

The black rose here symbolizes friendship and I treasure that: true friendship. It brings up memories of nearly a decade ago where my bff and I have come a long way since that Snoopy dance.

This silken Chinese restaurant rose may not mean much to anyone else but I adore it.

I think I shall be craving Chinese food soon.


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