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Photo Credits Flame   A life lived in ignorance. Once, so long ago, I believed myself immortal. Nothing would ever be different.   Fingers graze across the table, Rolling the match, ready to strike With a flick of a thumbnail, The flint transforms into flame.   A small light radiates, filling this space Dominated by… Continue reading Flame

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On Top | Weekly Photo Challenge

    So small, so tiny. The little creature struggling with all its might to make that climb. Miniature legs moving. Not sure why he started but only he must finish. The complete rub of it all, is it not? Finish.... What you start. Eventually, you'll make it to the top.   In response to… Continue reading On Top | Weekly Photo Challenge

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Across the Tracks

  Across the Tracks   Curled up in the dead of night, The sense of sight is stripped away, The distant train warns to make way. Shaking the ground, invoking fright Under the bridge, they sleep tight Garden of hunger, the bodies unfold. In vain they struggle to ward off the cold. How I pray,… Continue reading Across the Tracks