How To Format Your E-Book (the Non Migraine-Inducing Way)


***This post has since been succeeded by My New and Improved, Even Easier Way to Format Your E-book (the Non-Migraine Inducing Way). Please click here to read it.*** 

While I’ve already blogged about publishing my e-books, I kinda skimmed over the nuts and bolts of formatting. But as I’m in a generous mood this morning and I feel your continued e-book formatting pain, here by popular demand is a more detailed post about how to format your e-book like I did.

If you haven’t yet dipped a toe into the wonderful world of e-book self-publishing or you don’t plan to, you might still have heard a whisper about how UTTERLY ANNOYING AND STRESSFUL it is to format your MS Word manuscript in preparation for upload to Smashwords or Amazon’s Digital Text Platform. (It might have been more of a blood-curdling scream, if you’ve been reading about my e-book…

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