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Grease Burn

The other night, I was cooking chicken the southern way – fried it in some grease.

So, there I was; waiting for the grease to get hot and getting the seasonings all put on and floured it up. Then, as I lowered the thigh in the pan, BAM!


It exploded right as I placed it in there and direct hit my wrist. It left me with a mark that kind of was shaped like Texas.


With such a direct hit, I couldn’t pivot my wrist and it hurt like crazy. My husband came in the kitchen and was all, “What happened?”

Which, being the trooper that I am, I replied, “Don’t even talk to me right now. Seriously. Don’t.”


Not that I blamed him, of course. I just am amazing dealing with pain.


So, it’s been two days later and the mark is gone because of this remedy I discovered. I thought I’d share it with you all because within two hours, it felt so much better.

I took a bit of honey and smeared it over a clean gauze and left it there. It, apparently, takes away the fluid and makes you feel a lot better. I would have used aloe vera but I didn’t have any, so had to make it with what I had and it worked even better than my normal go-to remedy.


In any case, I just thought I’d share this if any of you suffer from an evil, exploding chicken grease burn.

Damn that chicken. Damn that chicken to Hades. 😦


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