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Morning Walk


Snoopy Waking up in the Morning

Another day begins with a tired yawn, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and finally pulling myself out of bed.

But not before my three fur children make their presence known. I’m greeted with a wet nose to mine, big brown eyes staring at me, as Snoopy licks my face good morning. Another four legged companion that kept my feet warm throughout the night while my tabby cat nestled against my back.

Teeth brushed. Coffee poured and consumed, the smell invades my nose – but a welcomed invasion. The taste upon my tongue numbed by the burn. Drank too hastily again but I’ll do the same tomorrow.

I never learn.

Dressed for our morning walk, they always know what is to come. Little paws rushing across the floor, hoping I won’t forget to take them along. I will never forget to bring them.

Snoopy’s bark bounces off my off-white apartment walls while Ratt struggles to keep up. He’s ever so much older now but I swear – that youthful look hits his eyes every time the light hits those big brown orbs.

And this – this here – is what they look forward to. A day.

Not just “a day” but another one.

The sun’s rays kiss their little bodies and I catch a glimpse at Ratt staring up into the sky; the light almost seems to give him life.

The pair of them don’t weigh more than twenty five pounds but, at times, I think they’re far smarter than given credit. They live for the day and the morning dew touching their paws. The call for them to come along outside and witness this brand new day.

Taking out my small camera, I desire to save this lesson taught by these two little creatures. Standing firmly, I catch another memory.

Early Morning Sunrise

All of time and space. Where do I want to go?

There’s no better time than now. Each day starting with a wet little nose pressed against mine while another keeps my feet warm – all the while, doing the same to my soul.


Much love and happy writing,

S. Reed

This is part of Writing 101 – Day 2: “A room with a view”.


5 thoughts on “Morning Walk”

    1. Thank you so much ! 🙂 That burn on the tongue really hurts, eh? lol I hope you’re having a great day and enjoy this writing university project.

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