Time Bomb


Photography by Susan Reed

Time Bomb


The uncontrollable human malady –

I’m as prone as the next,

Every emotion occurring rapidly

Leaving me perplexed.


Halogen lights blinding me in the store

A young child asking an adult for a sweet

The response shaking me to the core –

Thunderous strike leaving me with a raged heat.


My companion trying to contain my anger

Pulling me outside, telling me not to interfere –

The cries of the boy, piercing me like a dagger

Envious of a time I could march in, with no fear.


Before I allow my eyes to fall asleep,

Embracing my own family.

Making a promise I’ll forever keep –

They will never know such tragedy.


I undergo many emotions

Fear, anger, jealousy, and calm

Lost in the moments,

Ticking. Ticking. Little time bomb.


© S. Reed Photography and Poetry in response to Daily Prompt’s Unsafe Containers.




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