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Father Time


Scanned from Andrea Vitali, Il Tarocchino di Bologna
Scanned from Andrea Vitali, Il Tarocchino di Bologna




Father Time


“Lean in closer.

No. Closer than that.

I have a gift to offer.

Spare a moment to chat?”


“It depends on what you hold.

Is it free? Is there a price?

Without doubt, there is a toll.

You’ll have to be more concise.”


“I have a device to control time.

Wouldn’t you like another hour?

What would you do?

Now, don’t give me that glower!”


“What does it cost?

Why only one hour?

If you can control time,

You must have limitless power.”


“The price is neither gold nor silver

You have to employ wisdom.

Though, I can see. You only desire

To want more yet give none.”


“I’ve known you only a moment,

You’ve made your judgment.

I have no need for atonement!

I’m innocent of corruption.”


“To give you more time

Would be a waste.

Give a nickel, you want a dime.

And so, this is the human race!!”



© Susan Reed

*Father Time’s dialogue is in bold text. The human male is in normal text.*



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