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The Wordsmith



The Wordsmith


Twenty six letters

Such a finite number.

If you are willing and clever,

Enter a world of wonder.

Through eyes, they enter the mind,

Rearranging the letters constantly.

Forming words, making you escape

To a world of such diversity.

Not all is horrible,

I pledge you this.

They can be endearing,

Filling your spirit with bliss.

Oh, but that isn’t all !

Verse of terror, skin surely crawls.

You see, the truth of what I speak,

These letters can make you feel –

Thoughtful, sad, happy, and smart –

Some would say it is a work of art.

To answer your question, don’t worry…

I shall.

“When have I ever had this reader’s block?”

Never, my cherished friend.

This wordsmith’s mind is never locked.




Photo and Poem © Susan Reed

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