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The Walk



The Walk


Matching step for step

Fingers wrapped in mine

Red hair flowing –

Result of what love designed.


The same concrete

My feet walked

Never thought I’d repeat –

My heart unlocked.


Holding her hand tight,

I never want to let go.

Hasty – time takes flight

And soon she will grow.


Staring down at my child,

The words evade my lips.

Entire soul beguiled –

Unyielding hold while time ticks.


Steal those precious moments,

And never let go.

Pulling her close, I’m focused

Before she must grow.


© Susan Reed



In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Reverse Shot.

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

I remember living in my mama’s old house and walking around the block with her, my hand in hers. I miss her because of all the things she was – love, compassion, and protection. I would think she had those feelings of time going by so fast and knowing the importance of cherishing them. She lost her own mother when she was 13. So, I believe she understood the pain I would feel if the cancer took her.

It’ll be 18 years on November 11th since she’s passed away and I’ll end with saying this – you never get ‘over it’ and I defy people that say you should. You never do – you learn to cope with loss. You can cope by reaching out to those you love for support, writing, painting – something. But as far as getting over it, I find it impossible. That’s not to say that I primarily stay depressed. I remember the good things which is incredibly easy to do. For example, every time I peel a potato I remember her. She taught me how to hold the potato and knife so I’d never cut myself. Of course, there’s a thousand things and would take me a lifetime to write them down.

But, when I slice a potato and smile…

Well, you understand.

Much love to you all and hope you have a fantastic weekend.

God bless,



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