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Twilight Has Fallen (Part 1)



Dear Brother David,

Had I known what I know now, I would have cancelled passage to this country and remained in London. I’m not even sure that is entirely truthful. The reasons I had for leaving in the first place was that I believed in what I heard of the promise, the potential of this new land. The entire settlement has gone stark raving mad.

I should have listened to you, dear brother.

Governor Phips has set to arrest many on the charge of witchcraft. Soon, they will come for me – this I am sure. I live alone – far away from Salem’s village but close enough that I know I shall not be able to avoid detection much longer. More of a certainty since I allowed my curiosity to precede my better judgment.

I’ve had the disturbing opportunity to watch one of the trials. The inquiry is such a mockery of justice I’ve witnessed. The young girls are clearly performing a terrible pretense and sending innocents to their death. The witch’s mark they speak of – ’tis merely mole! Countless impassable tests they thrust upon the accused.  The young girl called Abigail seems to be something of a leader in the accusations and I have given her one of the dolls I make. That is considered an act of witchcraft in the village – among so many other items of guilt.


I could watch no more and I fled.

I have discovered a few methods others have taken to avoid trial. Accuse another of the crimes – which I did witness for myself at the trials. I could not perform such treachery to save my own life.

Pregnancy is not possible – this, you are well aware. Confessions seem to be the action most villagers are undertaking but I haven’t the desire to undertake such an act of deception.

The only option I have is to abandon my home and carry on elsewhere. Passage for return to London is impossible. I have prepared to leave this night. The full moon is said to hang high in the heavens. I shall use it to light my way. It is either tonight or I will never have the ability to depart.

Now, I write this letter. My hand trembles but this must be known. I hope against hope that nothing such as this ever occurs in the future. I will send this letter from Boston once I arrive. I have intentions of  traveling to New York.

I must leave now. The twilight has fallen.

I see the light of a torch outside.

Oh, dear God.


Your sister,

Margaret Chumley.


Genre Blender

Pick a genre from column A, a style from column B, and blend to create your own delightful concoction. (Tiny paper umbrellas optional.)


I decided to choose Historical Fiction from Column A and Open Letter from Column B.

Being that it’s nearly Halloween, I wanted to write something on the Salem Witch Trials and this has given me an opportunity to insert my own character into the events.

Have a fantastic week!

Part Two is now up: 

 Twilight Has Fallen (Part 2) 

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