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Twilight Has Fallen (Part 2)



I shall continue my letter as before, dear brother.

I escaped my cottage and began to run as fast as my legs would carry me. It wasn’t as I wanted but I managed to get away. It wasn’t by my own ability but rather – the man showed mercy.

He chased me through the woods. In which case, I did trip over a root. He picked me up and began to read the warrant for my arrest. He looked me in the eye and stopped reading, his grip lessened about my arm. When he released me, the only words he spoke was for me to leave. Never come back.

I am now in Boston in the day of our Lord, May 9th of the year 1692.

I pray that he will be safe. I saw in his eyes hope for humanity.

I do hope to see you soon. 


Your sister,


M. Chumley.


The Link to the First Part of this Story can be found here: Twilight Has Fallen (Part 1) 


August 19, 1692

Morning Light


To live and love,

Despite all pain

I tried to rise above

Hope begins to wane.


The eyes of my children

Remind me of my love.

Obstacles we’ve overcome,

Yet here I am – the villain.


Chained to this wall,

Morning’s light near.

All to do is recall

And battle fear.


Warned to depart,

Not to marry the Wilkins’ lady.

Only she has my heart,

Though, her family is shady.


Desire to provide,

Acquire additional soil.

Led my family to divide

Scorn causing me to recoil.


Yes, I allowed the woman escape

Our eyes met momentarily.

Refusing to incarcerate,

Constable gazes at me warily.


I should seek some rest

The stone acting as pillow.

Closing my eyes, recalling their test.

Voices cry, “Guilty John Willard!”


Perhaps I should have kept silent

And followed in toe.

Sentencing the innocent – so violent,

My soul crying out, “No!”


I shall have no regrets,

They are wrong – their trials.

The truth should be professed,

It is extremely vital.


Morning light enters my cell

Step after step, pushed to the gallows.

Seen by them all as Satan’s rebel,

Standing tall on the scaffold.


Rising my eyes, finding strength within –

I never did all the things the Wilkins swore.

Clearing my throat, I announce once more,

“I am as innocent as the child unborn!”



The End.


Poetry, Open Letters, and Margaret Chumley Inspired by the Salem Witch Trials and The Weekly Writing Challenge – Genre Blender

Pictures used from Wikimedia Commons.



Full Documentary on the Salem Witch Trials.



RIP John Willard and all those falsely accused.


“Sometimes painfully lost people can teach us lessons that we didn’t think we needed to know, or be reminded of—the more history changes, the more it stays the same.”
Shannon L. Alder


Useful links to learn more of the Salem Witch Trials:

John Willard 

Salem, Mass.,


Bizarre Witch Tests


3 thoughts on “Twilight Has Fallen (Part 2)”

  1. Love Twilight. Morning Light- what posses people to sentence and kill the innocent? Was it religion, Satan’s tool not a relationship with the living God? Was it fear or superstition, mob hysteria? I think a combination of all and ignorance. Great poem!

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